Pavullo nel Frignano

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Pavullo nel Frignano, which stands at 686 metres above sea level, is situated halfway between the plain and the Upper Modenese Apennines, and is easily reached from both Modena and Bologna by taking the Via Estense A road. It is the largest and most important town in the Modenese Apennines, and is home to the Association of Mountain Communities of Frignano.

Pavullo is the main town of the Frignano Mountain Community, and stands at 686 metres in altitude. Its location half way between the plain and the Upper Apennines, at the crossroads of several historically important roads, has, over the years, led to considerable economic and social development. The name Pavullo comes from the “paule” or “palude”, the marshlands where the town developed. During its history Pavullo has witnessed a long succession of various settlements, from the Ligurians to the Romans and Celts, up to the famous Duchy of Modena and Francesco IV Archduke of Austria-Este who made Pavullo the capital of Frignano and who commissioned the vast Ducal Park and neoclassical Ducal Palace which now houses the Contemporary Art Gallery and public library. Around 3 km from Pavullo stands the Castle of Montecuccolo, home to the Natural History Museum of Frignano and the permanent exhibitions “The Town Rediscovered” by the artist Gino Covili and “The Donation” by the sculptor Raffaele Biolchini. Historical and artistic itineraries taking in churches and castles, as well as areas of natural importance such as the protected reserve of Sassoguidano, together with the opportunity to practise numerous sports, make the town a rich and interesting year-round destination. Pavullo also boasts an important past full of gastronomic traditions and culture, made up of timeless recipes and exclusive products typical of Emilia, an area renowned for its flavours. Examples of these are “crescentine” (small flatbreads), “borlenghi” (local pancakes), wild mushrooms, chestnuts, charcuterie and cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, which all go to make deliciously simple, authentic local dishes.

The Public Swimming Pool, with its indoor and outdoor pools and which reopened in June 2020 after a complete renovation, the Tennis Centre, the Municipal Stadium with athletics track, numerous multipurpose sports centres, the permanent cross-country ski track and the aerodrome with its gliding centre, all go towards making Pavullo a tourist destination which satisfies all kinds of requests.

Altitude: from 199 to 926 mt
Km from Modena: 47 Km

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