The territory of Polinago is located in the north-eastern part of the Park of Frignano, and lies entirely within the valley of the Rossenna mountain stream.

The numerous watermills situated along its banks are testimony to a purely agricultural environment, and it remained much this way until only a few decades ago.

Nowadays Polinago is home to excellent craft producers and small industries. Its municipal territory stretches for 54 square kilometres and, as well as Polinago itself, also includes the hamlets of Gombola, Cassano, Brandola and San Martino.
The static population is around 1750, with its residents living in the numerous small villages and hamlets dotted about, giving a rural feel to the area, which is also evident in the architectural style of the buildings.
In typically rural spirit Polinago has, over time, preserved many of its traditions; village festivals, religious celebrations and fairs take place each year following old customs, and are proof that traditional pastimes continue to be joyous occasions, such as the traditional sport of “ruzzola” (which involves the launching of a wooden disc), bowls and clay-pigeon shooting.

Over the years the Municipal Authorities have endeavoured to combine economic wellbeing and modernity with the protection and promotion of the characteristics of the area: traditions, historical testimonies, and a natural environment rich in colour and landscapes.

Indeed, in 2003 Polinago was given the certificate of merit “Award for Sustainable Mountains” for having supported a tourism model which respects both local traditions and the environment.

Numerous non-profit organisations are at work, with the aim of promoting and making the most of the area, laying out hiking trails which can also be done on donkey back.

Altitude: from 275 to 1052 mt
Km from Modena: 57 Km

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