Riolunato (Ardondlà in the local dialect) has a population of 734, and covers an area of just over 11,000 acres, stretching from the highest part of the Modenese Apennines, the top of Mount Cimone (2165 metres above sea level), to the Scoltenna mountain stream, at 620 metres above sea level. Riolunato includes 8 outlying hamlets: Castellino, Castello di Riolunato, Cento Croci, Frassineto, Roncombrellaro, Serpiano nel Frignano, Groppo and Le Polle. The centre of Riolunato still dates back in large part to the Medieval and Renaissance periods, with its old houses once belonging to noble families, their coats of arms still visible, and the characteristic main square, Piazza del Trebbo, overlooked by Casa Ferrari, Casa Vellani and Casa Gestri, at one time the town hall. The Parish Church of St James, which dates to 1611 and is dedicated to the patron saint of the village, was restored in 1920 and preserves within its walls a fifteenth-century fresco of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, and three altar pieces from the school of Guido Reni. In the completely renovated local library there is a splendid fifteenth-century fresco depicting the Madonna and Child and two Saints, belonging to the Gestri family.

Riolunato is twinned with the Faroe Islands.

Altitude: from 620 to 2165 mt
Km from Modena: 76 Km

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