Serramazzoni is situated within the mountain community of Frignano. It can be reached from Modena by taking the A road “Strada Statale no. 12 Nuova Estense”, a major road that continues as far as the Abetone Pass, linking the Upper Modena Apennines with Tuscany; from Maranello it can be reached via the trunk road “Strada Nazionale Giardini”.

The name Serramazzoni comes from two words put together: “serra”, meaning a mountain barrier, and “Mazzoni”, meaning a sledgehammer, and the surname of a local family, who, like others, took their name from a work tool.

It developed as an important mountain town following the opening of two major roads; Via Vandelli, completed in 1749, and Via Giardini, completed in 1776, which linked Modena with Tuscany.

Post houses, taverns, drinking fountains, and places for travellers and merchants to find shelter and food were set up along Via Giardini, making Serramazzoni an important mountain town, opening up new commercial opportunities and leading to economic and social growth. Until 1776 the town had lived in the shadows of Monfestino, and only in 1860 was the municipality transferred to Serramazzoni and given the official name “Municipality of Monfestino in Serramazzoni”, which in 1948 was to become the “Municipality of Serramazzoni”.

The history of the territory of Serramazzoni remains strongly linked to the history of its outlying hamlets, which, like that of Monfestino, are rich in historical testimonies, artistic traditions and places of natural and cultural interest.

Altitude: mt 791 above sea level
Km from Modena: 30 Km

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