Sestola, awarded the “Orange Flag” seal of excellence by the Italian Touring Club and known as the “Green Pearl”, is one of the best-renowned tourist destinations in the Apennines. The town sits on a rocky spur, perched at 1.020 metres altitude, on the slopes of a rock crowned by an ancient fortress.
The nineteenth-century bell tower overlooks the historic centre of the village; at its foot stands a fine fountain covered by an eighteenth-century loggia. The churches of Saint Nicholas, Our Lady of the Rosary and the oratory of Saint Anthony all date to the seventeenth century.

The Fortress Church, which stands within the grounds of the castle, dates back as far as the twelfth century. The castle itself houses museums and collections of particular interest: the museum of mechanical musical instruments, the museum of mountain life, a collection of archeological finds, and a room displaying various objects relating to the Sestola-born soprano, Teresina Burchi in Reiter.
The castle is surrounded by the Castle Park (Parco del Castello) and the Copse Park (Parco della Fratta).

The territory of Sestola stretches from an altitude of 321 metres to 2165 metres, from the valley road along the river Scoltenna, to the summit of Mount Cimone. The area uphill from Sestola includes the ski areas of Pian del Falco and Passo del Lupo, and culminates in the peak of Mount Cimone, rich in typical Apennine flora.


Altitude: 1020 mt
Km from Modena: 71 Km

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